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 The second Monday of each month at 7:30 pm, we meet for our monthly competition.
 Each member can submit digital or slide images which are then critiqued by a third
 party judge. From all the submitted images the judge will accept or hold images and
 then select three images of the evening for that month.

 From each montly competition images are selected by the club Competition Chair to
 compete against other Southern California camera clubs at Interclub Competitions.

 At the end of the year, all of the accepted images for the year are judged again by a
 third party judge (usually from out of state).  From this competition are selected the
 Year End Award Winners.

        Photonaturalists CC                                             2018

   Year End Award Winners                       Monthly Competition Images

                                 2006        2008                   February                                 August
                                 2007        2009                   March                                     September
                                 2010        2011                   April Special Assignment      October Special Assignment
                                 2012        2013                  April Regular                          
October Regular
                                 2014        2015                  May                                         November
                                 2016        2017                  June                                    
                                                                           July Special Assignment
                                                                           July Regular

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